Welcome to THE YOGA CHAPPLE ! 

FIRST 30/30®  Cycle and Yoga studio in Stratford.  Your first class is always $8 dollars of which 100% goes to charity. This session (JAN -JUNE)  our donations are going to MS. 

We are a boutique style studio. Our room holds 10/15 people . Small numbers of students  means that every class is like a  private session!! Our teachers have 1000's of hours of teaching under their belts. We understand the body and OUR  job is to work your alignment so you can achieve your best movement.

We heat our space with infrared heat panels making our  space  always  a comfortable "temperate"  temperature. This allows our restorative classes to be warm enough for the body to let go, and cool enough in our 30/30® to build your own heat naturally. Winter you will free cosy, summer comfortable.  





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