Terran V Shaver practice searches for that sweet spot where science and magic meet. Through her own experiences with grief and autoimmune disease she discovered the field of psychophysiology and has been an avid student of Mind-Body healing disciplines since. She is a master’s student through Athabasca University’s Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program and hopes to one day pursue a PhD. It is Terran’s belief that by returning to simple, long-established customs we can build community, foster mindfulness, slow down and ultimately heal our bodies and our minds – and she has the research studies to prove it! She wants everyone to put down their smart phones and begin creating, meditating, moving and spending time in nature. Like her forerunner, Herbert Benson, Terran “claims no innovation, but simply a scientific validation of age-old wisdom”.

You can find Terran at The Yoga Chapple for workshops and classes such as Emotional First Aid and Mindfulness for the Apocalypse, as well as every New Moon and Full Moon for our Moon Meditations series.

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Join her online at mindful Healing with Terran.